Football. Whole30. Hotdogs.

I don’t care about football. I actually think its insane how much energy is poured into professional sports and how little energy is devoted to… oh I don’t know… THE EARTH… ENDING WORLD HUNGER… But, I digress. My husband was super pumped to watch the football playoffs all day, so naturally he is sleeping on the couch with the Steelers vs. ‘that other team’ on our medium screen TV (nothing against that other team- I just genuinely don’t know who they are, nor do I care). While I don’t care about football, I DO care about what I am going to eat while its on. I love me a good theme meal. Here is what our football lunch consisted of:



Never thought I’d be so excited for a “hotdog salad”, but dang, this is good. I’ll happily have football commentary as background white noise if I can face plant into this. Go Sports!

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